Responsible Woolcoats

Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified / Recycled wool (MWOOL®)

Responsible Woolcoats

Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified / Recycled wool (MWOOL®)

We adore wool and use it in many of our products. That's why, this year we have been certified under the Responsible Wool Standard (275969) by Ecocert Greenlife.

In our A/W 23 collection, the majority of our iconic wool coats are already RWS certified.

What is the Responsible Wool Standard?

Products labeled with the RWS logo are made from wool that is produced following strict animal welfare standards, as well as social and environmental criteria.
This includes:

  • Protection of animal welfare and health

  • Sustainable land management practices that safeguard soil health, biodiversity, and native species

  • Social and labor standards on farms and in processing facilities

  • Moreover, the certification allows for complete traceability of the supply chain.

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    Wool - a timeless and robust natural fiber that allows garments to last a lifetime. Even after extensive use, its journey continues, because wool can be excellently recycled.

    Through recycling, the demand for new fibers is minimized, effectively reducing the environmental impact of our garments. The intensive land use associated with sheep farming for wool production can have adverse effects on our planet, such as deforestation and biodiversity loss.

    That's precisely why we've chosen to use premium recycled wool (MWool®) from our esteemed Italian supplier, Manteco, in our collection.


    In a mechanical recycling process, the precious wool fibers are carefully recovered from production waste and used garments, giving them a life.
    Since the recycled fabrics are already dyed, no additional dyeing or use of harmful chemicals is required. Manteco takes their sustainability commitment to the next level with their ingenious Recype® process, where different recycled fibers are skillfully blended to create our exquisite range of color shades.

    Thanks to these innovative processes, MWool® has a remarkable environmental performance. Compared to virgin wool fibers, it has a 99.2% lower impact on climate change and a 99.9% lower impact on water consumption.

    Further details on the recycling process.

    * Quelle: Manteco Life Cycle Assessment