IVY OAK is a Berlin based advanced contemporary occasionwear brand founded by Caroline Gentz in 2016. The collections are defined by their signature handwriting, selections of high-quality fabrics and attention to detail. The brands true mission is to disrupt the fashion industry, working towards more conscious choices, creating a meaningful long lasting wardrobe for todays community and the generations to come.

The brand encompasses more than just fashion and acquires a need for responsible practices, transparent communication and above all to strive for change. IVY OAK accepts, deforms, relearns and transforms with a view to the world, life and the challenges of our society.


Modern. Responsible. Authentic.


IVY OAK cultivated a 360-degree vision. A simple, intuitive and comprehensive concept which stands for a holistic approach and thoughtful choices. It symbolises moving away from a linear and disposable model towards creating long-lasting fashion that matters. We avoid waste and promote a “re-use/repair/recycle” mindset, giving a complete insight into our products, practises and prices.

Our brands true vision is to lead the change and create positive impact for you, our planet and the generations to come.

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