Our transformable 2 in 1 puffer outerwear - Filled with recycled down and feathers.


The filling of our Puffer Coats is made of recycled down and feathers by Re:Down®.

What is Re:Down®?

Re:Down® recycles down and feathers from
post-consumer goods such as bedding or jackets. They are traceable from waste collection to final output.

Why are we using Re:Down®?

Down is an amazing and valuable natural material. Extremely lightweight with excellent insulating
properties. However, for animal welfare reasons, we are not using virgin down. Down is the soft layer close to the bird's skin and the plucking can be vey distressing for the animals. Instead, we have used polyester fillings in the past. With Re:Down® we can now give this valuable raw material with its
thermal properties a second life and reduce waste.

Caliste 2 in 1 Puffer Jackets


Have you ever wondered how much CO2 is emitted in the production of your clothes? We have. And have measured the environmental impact of all Puffer Outerwear. You can find the results on the product pages.

Learn more about our Environmental Impact Assessment here.

2 In 1

Besides the valuable filling made from recycled down, our Puffer Outerwear has another feature that makes it so great. All styles can be
transformed into vests with detachable sleeves. This gives you two garments in one and options for different weather conditions and occasions.

It allows you to have a smaller, more minimalist wardrobe - And the more classic, the more sustainable.