Greenhouse Gas

We need ambitious action on climate change, and we need it now. Our principle is to avoid, reduce and compensate.


We use 100% renewable energy in our office and store


80% of our products are manufactured in Europe. The short transportation results in reduced GHG emissions. In our sourcing and production planning, we always take the location of our fabric supplier and our manufacturer into consideration to avoid long transportation routes in the supply chain. The supply chain (from farm to manufacturer) of our fully traceable leather items is, for example, fully located in Turkey.

We select our fabrics consciously trying to include more and more recycled and lower impact materials that use less energy in production in our collection. Read more about the materials we use.


Not all CO2 emissions of our business operations can be avoided and reduced (yet). We want to take responsibility for these emissions and are offsetting our carbon footprint from parcel deliveries & returns as well as the operation of our online shop together with the organisation Klimakollekte through Gold Standard certified projects. Also, all our Sea-freight transportation of garments produced in China are compensated via our logistic partner Forto.

We are continuously working on avoiding and reducing GHG emissions in our business operations and supply chains. Most GHG emissions in the fashion industry occur in the supply chains. Our next step is therefore a thorough deep dive into the data from our Impact Assessment to identify more reduction potential and develop effective actions.


When it comes to packaging, we take a reduce - reuse - recycle approach. Since 2020, we have been working with the international forest conservation organization Canopy through the Pack4Good initiative to reduce our packaging footprint and ensure that we only source materials from responsibly managed forests. You can learn more about this here.

All our boxes, hang tags and polybags are made from recycled and recyclable materials. Our invoice envelopes and paper is Blue Angel certified recycled paper. We use shipping bags instead of cardboard boxes for small and medium orders. The shipping bags are manufactured in Berlin, are lighter and take up less volume during transport, thus saving greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the envelopes can be easily reused by our customers.


We are mindful that the production of garments and fabrics needs a lot of valuable resources, and we are committed not to waste any materials. Through several different partnerships, we ensure that the design process creates as little waste as possible. For all Deadstock and B-Ware we have a no landfill policy.

Prototypes and samples are given a second life in our sample sale as well as our sample giveaway for the team. Fabric samples and early prototypes are given to local upcyling workshops, sewing cafés or universities to be repurposed. Leftover fabrics are used in future collections or made available for other brands. Unsold styles from past collections get a second chance at our partner Otrium. We also make sure that our returns do not become waste. Should an item be returned with a minor defect, such as a loose button, it will be repaired by a partner company.